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Continuing Education Opportunities for Trainers – Which Do You Take?

What kinds of continuing education opportunities for trainers should you take?

As fitness professionals, we are faced with many different challenges, and trying to figure out which continuing education workshop or certification works best for you is always up for grabs. 

So what should you do? From my experience (and I’m sure from other fitness professionals as well), it’s all about the different modalities and which one fits your brand best.

Is it functional training? CrossFit, yoga, Pilates, and or Performance Enhancement? You know yourself and training style the best.

These are  workshops you should always attend yearly to advance your library and knowledge base.

Diversify Your Training Knowledge

In the health and fitness industry, we should always strive to learn different modalities and perspectives, because trends continually change. The more you know about a fitness style, the better you can serve each and every client that’s within your scope of practice.

If it’s Sports Performance, corrective exercise, weight loss, kettlebell classes, etc, I would say go for it. Let your clients see that you’re knowledgable about the equipment and information you’re giving them. Your clients may research different techniques or watch videos to learn more, but they’ll still look up to you and expect you to lead them through a new class. Your certifications will make them feel at ease. 

If you’re new to the fitness industry and are looking to enhance your learning experience, I would say seek out some of the top trainers in your field and learn from them. Make the investment, take the chance and become a great leader in your community. You can read books by trainers you admire, sign up for workshops or even listen to their podcasts. 

Time to Master Your Craft

Becoming NASM certified has changed the way I look at exercise. Attending a Todd Durkin Mentorship has enhanced my prospective on life and business, and attending a NASM Workshop made realize how fun training can be by using different functional training equipment in my sessions. Even after I was certified I still wanted to learn and bring new ideas to training. 

As a fitness professional, you should always devote time to mastering your craft. If you think it’s time to learn something new, pick up your laptop or tablet and start searching for the closest workshop where you can advance your knowledge base.

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