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Fitness: Your Client’s Best Hour

Cycling in a Fitness Class at the GymSeeing results from working out is exciting, and it can be a great incentive for a person with fitness goals to keep coming to the gym. But, often, it’s not just fitness goals that keep them returning. Adults might be looking for more than a way to lose weight or gain muscle – they are looking for a community of likeminded individuals.

People are busier than ever. Work commitments and family responsibilities leave most adults with less and less free time.

But results come at different rates for different people. Some haven’t lost weight, but they are having fun and feel a sense of accomplishment. Coaches and instructors have a unique ability to give someone the best hour of their day.

Of course, going to the gym isn’t the same “fun” as, say, going to a comedy club. (It’s called a “workout” for a reason.) But as a gym owner, you can introduce some enjoyable elements into the experience that can offset the challenges and help people stay positive and upbeat.

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Here are some ideas to keep your health club members happy and feeling a sense of community:

Promote Group Events
Monthly activities like rock climbing, holiday parties or group outings give members a reason to do something fun together and get to know one another outside the gym. Think about it – someone who might struggle in March’s rock climbing adventure will see an improvement come summer. These notable changes in strength will increase member retention and drive referrals. Plus, people can cheer for one another and celebrate success.

One-time special group classes taking place on a weekend night are an obvious way to find friends who match fitness levels and interests. It might encourage someone to step out of their comfort zone, too. Even get-togethers that aren’t fitness based are often well-attended, like a monthly euchre night. Be sure members know they’re allowed to invite their spouse or significant other…after all, they might see what your facility is all about and ask to be added to the account.

Running Groups
Running a race together is a great incentive for training and accountability for members. First of all, its fun and continues to build a strong community. Ensure those in attendance are open about sharing their goals in order to receive the support they need to keep going if they get discouraged. In the end, you’ll have a group of individuals proud of their accomplishment and some great photo opportunities to feature on your social media pages, newsletters and bulletin boards.

Dumbbells and resistance bandsRecognize/Reward Achievements
Who doesn’t like a pat on the back? Make a point of tracking your members’ participation and attendance, and reward them for hitting those goals. For example, each time a member completes a session or achieves a goal, you can give them a ticket to be put into a drawing for branded merchandise, a gift card or something they can use at home, like dumbbells or exercise bands.  You might even see their increased self-esteem transfer over to their personal and professional life and their self-worth will be higher than ever.

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