Personal trainer helping client at fitness facility

Five Ways to Stay Top-of-Mind and Provide Value Between Training Sessions

Long-term clients provide consistent revenue streams, the best referrals, and the most compelling testimonials. Staying top-of-mind in their daily lives and providing value between sessions will help ensure your clients stay loyal for the long haul.

Below you’ll find five easy ways to impact and inspire your clients when you are out of sight and out of mind. As you start to implement these ideas, remember to consider your clients’ communication preferences. Does this particular client love social media and texting, or would they prefer a call or paper in hand? Communication, like a workout, should be personalized based on your clients’ needs, preferences, and experience levels. Figure out how each client likes to receive information and the following tips will go a long way toward demonstrating your investment in their health and fitness goals.

1) You know your clients won’t see the results they want if they start each day with a bagel and caramel coffee and end it with pizza and beer. Show them you care about their goals and overall health by regularly sending delicious recipe suggestions, satisfying food substitutions, and healthy restaurant options. Think about what is relevant in your client’s life and tailor your advice. How to keep smiling at happy hour without packing on the calories, tailgating options that won’t sideline your fitness goals, how to enjoy a holiday party and keep your weigh-in merry.

While you’re thinking about your clients’ nutritional needs, don’t assume they know to follow every workout with a protein product. Recommend the perfect product for his or her goals on the Elivate website.

2) Always assign homework so your clients can continue their momentum and build on their progress between sessions. Try to incorporate your clients’ interests. If your client loves her pooch, assign her two three-mile walks with her dog this week. If your client is going to continue working in the gym without you, be sure that he or she is comfortable and confident doing the exercises independently. Most importantly, always ask about the homework in the beginning of the next session. They’ll think of you throughout the week as they prepare to be held accountable for the work you assigned.

Products from BodySport allow your clients to continue their workout at home with easy-to-store fitness solutions at an affordable price.

Shop Body Sport Products3) Don’t just record your clients’ reps, jot down a few notes about their interests, upcoming events, and the reasons they started training with you (see Start with Why, How to Close New Fitness Clients). If your client has been working hard to get in shape for her son’s wedding, send a message that morning congratulating her on her progress and wishing her a wonderful day. If a client’s team wins the Super Bowl, reach out with a congratulatory message. Training anniversaries are also a great reason to touch base and remind clients how far they’ve come with your help. It’s been a month since we started training together! You can already do twice as many pushups as when we started! Keep up the great work!

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4) Make reading about the latest health and fitness trends, tips, and products a daily habit. When you find relevant articles on the Elivate blog or on social media, share the information with your clients. Remember how we were talking about work-life balance the other day? I thought this article had a lot of good insights you’d appreciate. Don’t spam your clients, be sure you’ve really read the article and genuinely believe it’s worth their time.

5) Help your clients fill downtime with activities that promote fitness by staying current on opportunities in your community. Have you checked out the new stand up paddle boarding on the lake? Now that you’ve started running, you should train for the 5K coming up in the spring. Your kids would love this new hiking trail I discovered.

Activity Trackers help clients track progress toward their movement goals when you’re not around to keep tabs on them. Some even track other important health and fitness factors, like whether or not they are getting enough sleep (see Post-Workout Recovery: 5 Mistakes Your Clients Are Making).

Providing value and developing a relationship outside of training sessions doesn’t take a lot of time or any money, but it pays off big time in client satisfaction and retention. How do you stay-top-of mind between training sessions? Share your ideas below!

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