Massage Therapy Services for Health Clubs

Inspire Client Wellness Through Massage Therapy

Your facility is committed to providing the best opportunities for members to improve and maintain peak physical health. From top-of-the-line fitness equipment to the latest workout accessories, your facility is designed to inspire members to live active, healthy lives.

What else can you do to help members improve their own quality of life? Consider adding massage to the list of services your facility offers.

If your facility is interested in exploring the massage field as an addition to your current fitness offerings, we’re here to deliver the massage products, resources and essentials necessary for a successful spa experience. Depending on your health club’s focus, you can find success with a number of massage styles, including relaxation, deep tissue or sports therapy-related.

If your health club currently offers one style of massage, think about expanding your massage expertise to cover another area of practice so all of your members’ needs are met.

Why we support massage therapy

The American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA) reported that nearly 35 million Americans (16%) had at least one massage between July 2012 and July 2013. Massage therapy is no longer only thought of as an indulgent, pampering luxury; there is ample research being conducted about the therapeutic benefits of massage on conditions such as osteoarthritis, high blood pressure and cancer-related fatigue.

In keeping with our concentration on health and wellness environments, we acknowledge that the massage therapy field is rapidly growing to accommodate society’s needs.

As a fitness professional, your clients’ athletic performance is one of the most important concerns for your livelihood. Guiding clients through different levels of training is not an easy task, and injury can sideline a client quickly.

To help prevent injury, massage can offer members a better way to recover following a challenging workout. Massage therapists can help activate muscular recovery by working swollen areas back into circulation by breaking down lactic acid present in the tissue.

But what if you’re a trainer without massage resources? Explore partnerships with local massage therapists that work independently. You can reach out to local spas or personal masseuses to see if you can strike a referral deal; by cross-promoting services, you may see an uptick in your client following. Building partnerships will further expose you to sectors of the health and wellness industry you may have not been familiar with before.

Improve wellness offerings with massage therapy

So you’ve decided to try massage in your facility: now what? The foundation of any successful massage program revolves around both the staff you employ and the products necessary for massage. The creams and lotions used for treatment are only as good as the masseuse using them on a client. Luckily, each year more licensed massage therapists are entering the job market.

When it comes to basic massage products, we recommend lotion brands such as Bon Vital and Biotone. These brands are known for their selection of massage lotions: non-greasy varieties that are unscented, malleable and largely paraben-free. Your clients’ skin health should be taken into consideration when deciding which lotion to purchase, and both Bon Vital’ and Biotone offer therapeutic, hypoallergenic options for clients with sensitive skin.

If you’re looking for high-quality, Earth-friendly massage tables and equipment, try the EarthLite line of massage equipment. Their eco-friendly massage tables, sheets and chairs are built to last and inspire total relaxation.

A client’s wellness is mental, as well as physical, and by optimizing your massage program for client comfort, your facility will see higher satisfaction results and more repeat customers. The small details make a large difference in therapeutic treatment—soft, terrycloth towels and smooth flannel sheets make a client feel at ease and ready for treatment.

Medical massage: a new frontier

Medical massage treatment is becoming more prevalent among American adults; in the same AMTA report, at least 43 percent of adults who had a massage did so for medical health reasons, including pain management, soreness, injury rehabilitation and overall wellness.

Your facility encourages regular exercise to maintain a healthy lifestyle; expanding your massage services in-house and at home is an important way to maintain consistent wellness treatments. For clients interested in continuing massage care at home, turn to our selection of personal massagers that are easy to retail.

When you provide your clients with the best wellness practices and benefits, they will feel cared for and inspired to continue a healthy lifestyle. When you become the overall source for member wellness, you will not only see higher satisfaction rates, but also increased revenue.

ELIVATE™ recommended massage products

Not sure where to start or wondering what else you can offer? Browse our favorite lotions, massage equipment and at-home tools – perfect for health and fitness clubs:

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