Lift Member Participation with TRX Suspension Training

Strength, balance, flexibility, core stability—undoubtedly these are some of the most popular and sought-after fitness goals across your membership. Does your facility currently offer the most effective and popular training systems to help members achieve these goals?

If you do not have a TRX suspension training system available in your club, read on to find out why bodyweight suspension training has climbed to the top of the fitness industry preferred workout methods in recent years.

Even if you have the TRX suspension training system in your club, our trainers have developed innovative ways to change up traditional training and get members involved in more group training opportunities.

Suspension training creates an easily manipulated training environment for members—this means that members can change resistance, body position and effort exerted with simple adjustments. Members of any age, physical threshold or even post-injury can utilize TRX training.

“We use the suspension trainer as an effective tool to teach people how to ‘link’ their body to effectively move, produce power and strength, balance and maintain healthy and optimal spinal alignment in position,” Casey Stutzman, a certified TRX Master Trainer, said.

According to Stutzman, suspension training capitalizes on basic fitness principals that every member should follow while working out. “Suspension is the epitome of functional movement. Everything centers around movements and exercises that have direct transfer to life and sport,” Stutzman said.

But what about free weights or even machines—don’t they encourage strength and conditioning just as well, if not better, than a suspension training system? Even though using only bodyweight with a TRX trainer would seem to not produce the same challenge or strength result as an bench press or leg curl machine, Stutzman noted that’s not the case.

“In traditional weight training, the goal is to isolate individual muscles. By doing so, we never teach different muscle groups or joints how to work together as the do in activities, such as walking or running,” Stutzman pointed out.

If your trainers are moving from free weights to the TRX with personal training sessions or group classes, encourage them to try entire workouts structured around bodyweight exercises on just the suspension system.

The lack of muscle and joint integration can be overcome when training with a TRX suspension system. “Using the TRX forces me to engage my core and legs to support the standing position while performing a bicep curl. If I sit down on a machine and do a bicep curl, most of my body is turned off and supported by the seat,” Stutzman explained. Using suspension training equipment for traditional weight training exercises also disperses stress throughout the entire body, so individual joints are not prone excess stress and pain.

“By training movement and not just muscles, we can provide members with a body that works. Efficient movement creates longevity and durability,” Stutzman explained, noting that suspension training can be easily adjusted to match a member’s physical level.

Whether your members are training for competition or working out post-rehab, the TRX suspension training system will allow your trainers to progress or regress any exercise or movement depending on member experience. By repositioning the straps, for example, a member can add or detract resistance without adding additional weight.

One of the unexpected benefits of suspension training’s flexibility and adaptability is that your trainers can move the mount point from one fixed spot. That means that members can use the TRX outdoors during boot camp classes (mounted conveniently to a tree!) or on a basketball court properly anchored.

Interested in learning more about the TRX Suspension Training System and how you can effectively implement one into your club? Check out our TRX products, anchoring and storage solutions.

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