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How To Maintain a Fun Atmosphere in a Group Cycling Class

Group Taking Part In Spinning Class In GymA few weeks back, I wrote about Indoor Cycling Instruction Tips and received a fantastic response! I’m lucky to know so many amazing spinning instructors who can attract hard working individuals to their classes and appreciate quality exercise equipment.

Today, I want to tackle how to make indoor cycling classes (even more) fun. We all reuse music and choreography on occasion, but those who attend your class regularly might worry about plateauing if you’re not careful.

Below are several ideas on how to reenergize a class if you feel attendees are looking at the clock more than they should:

1 – Let Riders Choose Your Own Path
Is the last song of the day approaching and you’re starting to notice tired legs pedaling along slowly? React to the signal in a positive fashion! Give the group two options on how to spend the final song: tackling a heavy hill or concentrating on speed work via a flat road. Even if you only have one song left in your playlist, you can typically make any option fit depending on the vote from the group. Have everyone cheer for their preference and see which choice gains the heaviest reaction. It’ll make attendees feel like they are part of the decision making and give them the boost they need to finish on a strong note.

2 – Throw A Timely Song Into Your Playlist  
St. Patrick’s Day is coming up, so feel free to throw an Irish jig into your playlist. It’ll be something different for regular attendees and will show new attendees that you’re always retooling your music selection. And if an Irish jig doesn’t liven up the bunch, I don’t know what will!

Another suggestion would be to take note if one of your favorite artists is celebrating a birthday and add a song of theirs into that day’s mix and explain the significance.

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3 – Attend Courses Taught By Other Instructors
Imitation is the best form of flattery, so if you have a free hour, hop into a class taught by another group cycling instructor and participate. If you enjoy something they do, like incorporating a new way to work jumps into choreography, put your own “spin” on it and add it to your next group workout!

4 – Remind Riders Why They’ve Attended
Is the class you’re teaching taking place on a Thursday evening? Tell your riders that working hard now will give them an extra boost of energy for the weekend. If you teach on a Monday, congratulate everyone for making a good, healthy decision so early in the week. If Memorial Day or Independence Day is just around the corner, close class by stating how an upcoming cookout on their calendar will be more enjoyable now that they’ve earned that scrumptious hot dog or hamburger straight from the grill. It might garner some giggles but I guarantee they’ll think of you and how hard they worked as they contemplate what else to add to their plate for the festivity. If they remember the intensity involved, they might opt for fruit or veggies as a side dish as opposed to something unhealthy and boost their overall wellness in the process.

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