Lori Harrison Personal Training

A Positive Approach to Personal Training and Fitness

Lori Harrison Elivate FitnessTaking a positive, empathetic approach is essential to good personal training. It is my job to strive to understand each individual’s needs so that I can develop a program that helps them reach their fitness goals. Just like with so many aspects of our daily lives, psychology and mental health play a huge role in achieving a goal. Simply stated – when there’s negativity involved, the achievements aren’t as robust.

I believe that bringing a little positivity and an upbeat attitude to every client meeting is important. Talking with people individually to understand not only their personal goals but also to understand what may be blocking them from achieving them should be implemented with all client interactions. 80-90% of achieving positive fitness results comes from having a positive attitude and dedication.

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I know that when I can influence those behaviors in my clients, that they have a great chance to be successful and more importantly, that it will become part of their lifestyle instead of simply a phase or New Year’s resolution.

Client retention will be higher if you build a relationship with them. If they can open up to you about their list of fitness goals, they might tell you more about their health history, anecdotes about their day or stressors in their life. They’ll begin to look at the time spent with you as a beneficial investment in both their physical and emotional wellness and what could be better than that?

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