Take Your Personalized Home Exercise and Rehab Programs for Clients to the Next Level


Driven by a mission to help patients achieve greater success in their active care rehabilitation programs, WebExercises has created online and mobile tools that let patients perform exercises under the guidance of their healthcare professional – even when outside the office.

1. Revenue

WebExercises makes it easy to build reimbursable active care programs: Clinicians can use their clinically proven pre-made protocols or build their own.

2. Patient engagement

With WebExercises, providers can share active care protocols in an easy and engaging way. Patients receive pictures, text instructions and videos they can watch on any device. A personalized calendar is automatically created for each handout to keep patients on track. The active care sessions and at-home exercise protocols combine with regular treatments to help deliver better patient results.

3. Retention

WebExercises makes it easy for providers to contact patients who’ve finished their protocols, check on how they’re doing, and invite them to come to the office to receive an updated program. Since most exercise protocols only deliver sustainable results when performed on a long-term basis, regular program updates are vital to keep patients motivated.


Patients can easily view their exercise programs on any mobile device. Exercise details and high quality videos are displayed.

Patients can submit real-time feedback on their exercise programs.

This allows providers to track and monitor compliance.


Improved Treatment Outcomes

Patients will know exactly what to do for their home exercise program. Built-in accountability motivates patients to follow their program. Improved program adherence will have a positive impact on in-office treatment.

Improved Service Level and Perceived Value

Practitioners can give their patients an additional service (i.e., a home exercise program) that
complements the in-office treatment. This will increase the perceived patient value for the overall
service offering and can have a positive impact on the patient’s willingness to pay for treatments.

Increased Patient Touchpoints

As practitioners monitor and track the execution of the exercise program, they can use this information for regular ‘checking in’ with the patient. For example, if they see that the patient is not accessing the program, they can ask if they need more support or if they want to come back into the office for pain management or more explanation on their program.

If a patient has finished his or her program, the practitioner can ask if they want to come back to
the office to learn exercise progressions.

Overall, WebExercises can increase patient retention and frequency of visits.


Using a cutting-edge exercise prescription service can differentiate providers from others that hand out paper-based programs or don’t provide patients with exercises at all. Practitioners can brand all print-outs, the email, and the patient portal with their clinic logo, creating a professional appearance. Patients may show friends and family their home exercise program on their mobile device, which can increase referrals.

Scope of Service Offerings

Providers who are new to active care can use the WebExercises protocols to prescribe evidence-based programs to patients. The recorded webinars can support them in increasing their knowledge on various exercise-related topics. In addition, the planned WebExercises University will provide healthcare professionals with introductory online courses on exercise intervention and other topics.

WebExercises Platform

Following is a brief overview of the main features of WebExercises.com

Upon logging into the system, you are directed to the “Rx Management” page as shown below.

By default, this page displays your current patients, but you can choose other view options such
as New, All, or Alphabetical.

The Exercise Search page allows providers to find exercises based on several criteria.

Below is an example of the “Resources” page, which is full of downloadable, pre-made exercise programs, printable educational patient handouts, shareable videos for social media, and webinar recordings to watch at your convenience.

Patient Portal

Patients can enter sets and reps completed, as well as any other feedback regarding their exercise program. This information is sent back to the provider for review.

For more info on WebExercises please contact your Elivate Account Manager. If you don’t know who your Acct Manager is, please contact CJ Kostranchuk at:
p: 800.537.5512 Ext. 5078
e: cj@elivatefitness.com 

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