Online CE’s- An Introduction to the Pelvic Floor

An Introduction to the Pelvic Floor


In this lesson plan, Dr. C. Shanté Cofield, aka “The Movement Maestro,” introduces you to the functions of the pelvic floor. Despite its role as an integral part of the core, the pelvic floor has typically been overlooked and left for obstetricians and gynecologists. With physical therapists, strength coaches, and other movement professionals now recognizing the pelvic floor’s importance, it’s crucial to train it as you would any other muscle in the body. Dr. C. Shanté Cofield shares information pertaining to the pelvic floor, its functions and dysfunctions, and why you should care about it. Bridge the gap between theory and function with Dr. C. Shanté Cofield’s insight on the pelvic floor.

Duration: 1 hour

CE’s: 1 hour


Shanté Cofield, DPT

Dr. C. Shanté Cofield, aka “The Movement Maestro,” is a former Division I athlete with a passion for movement surpassed only by her passion for learning. Shanté graduated from Georgetown University and then continued her educational pursuits at New York University, graduating with a Doctorate in Physical Therapy and becoming a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist. Shanté is a board certified Orthopedic Clinical Specialist who practices in Los Angeles, California with specialties ranging from CrossFit injuries to pelvic floor dysfunction. As a Selective Functional Movement Assessment provider, Shanté utilizes a movement-based treatment approach that incorporates manual therapy, NeuroKinetic Therapy, and corrective exercises and techniques, such as kinesiology taping and IASTM. Shanté is the creator of “The Movement Maestro,” a website and social-media based platform devoted to all things human movement and mobility related. Shanté is a proud instructor for RockTape and considers herself fortunate to be able to travel the country as an educator, promoting the benefits of movement and teaching others just how incredible the human body really is.

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