Recovery Room Trends: Non-Invasive Vibration Therapy

The Rise of Recovery

For the last several years, recovery room popularity has increased at fitness centers and health clubs as more and more fitness professionals and clientele turn their focus to recovery. The challenge for many is balancing the intensity of high-exertion programs with the need to recover better and quicker between workouts. 

To meet the demand for faster, improved recovery, trainers and athletes look to all-in-one recovery devices that can provide targeted, effective relief without the need for invasive treatment. This has led the way for the Rapid Release Pro2. 

How the Rapid Release Pro2 Works

Invented by chiropractor Dr. Stanley Stanbridge, the Pro2 provides targeted, high-speed vibration therapy by combining a short stroke with high frequency to deliver effective relief for minor aches and pains. This style of non-invasive vibration therapy provides complete “head-to-toe” treatment of the musculoskeletal anatomy, offering improved movement through muscle relaxation. 

Unlike percussive devices, vibration therapy may be used on areas percussive therapy cannot treat, such as the cranial area, spinal column, throat, jaw, spine, and tendons, due to the striking nature of percussive therapy. This distinguishing factor allows for more versatility of use over percussive devices.  

Easy-To-Use Treatment in Action

To see the Pro2 in action, check out this video demonstrating how easy it is to use the multiple heads of this next generation vibration therapy device. 

Try out the Pro2 for yourself and see the difference it will make with your clients and their recovery!

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