Studies Confirm the Benefits of Yoga

Some “great” info from the Greatist reminds us why we all (and I’m not just talking about our clients) need more yoga in our exercise routines . . . and our lives.

As we trainers know, just one class can deliver some of the mind-body benefits of yoga. Not only can yoga help our clients wake up, but it’s great for mindset and physical fitness too. For starters, research shows it combats stress, so if clients are worried about the day ahead, that’s all the more reason to roll out a mat with them.

A 2017 metanalysis showed that yoga can reduce the physical symptoms associated with anxiety, like increased heart rate, heightened cortisol levels, and elevated blood pressure.


Other studies have confirmed that when individuals are stressed, yoga can essentially turn off their fight-or-flight response and tap into the parasympathetic nervous system instead, also known as rest-and-digest response.

On the flip side, if clients are feeling a little down when they wake up, yoga can help. In 2013, researchers looked at studies spanning 619 participants who struggled with depression. They found moderate evidence that yoga was effective in providing a short-term boost.

Need a little more convincing to bust out some Sun Salutations with clients? Studies show that yoga can reduce inflammation in the body. In 2015, researchers found that yogis had fewer inflammatory markers compared to a non-yoga group over a 5-year period.

It’s also a great way to squeeze in a quick workout, especially if clients sit down for the majority of the day. In 2015, researchers found that yoga can improve muscular strength, flexibility, and endurance over a 12-week period.

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