What do the 3 most famous athletes have in common?

What do the three best athletes in the world have in common?

Recently, Lebron James was spotted in Las Vegas wearing custom made Hyperice Ice Compression Technology.

The next day, Kelly Slater, the world’s best surfer, posted an image of Hyperice Ice Compression Technology, which was critical in his recent injury recovery.

That same week, a Sports Illustrated article documented Tom Brady’s daily workout and recovery regime. The Vyper and Hypersphere were both mentioned as part of Tom’s daily warm up and recovery:

“Therapeutic pajamas? Vibrating foam rollers? Brain games? One writer takes on the famed TB12 method and finds that Tom Brady’s life isn’t as crazy as you may think.

He asks what I’ve learned so far, and I cite the number of choices one has to make to live like Brady. “Holistic” is a word he uses, and that’s exactly how it feels. These choices have to be made consistently, day after day, week after cheeseburgerless week.

Merson and I head back to the turf to try out a vibrating foam roller that eases muscle soreness, improving blood flow where needed. For me that means putting the roller under my feet, calves, hamstrings, back and shoulders—everywhere, basically. Those muscles feel better right away. There are three settings, ranging from something like “smooth massage” to “jackhammer mode.”

The world’s three best athletes in their respective sports have a lot in common. 🙂

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