May Recap

Highlights From Our Month

Yesterday was the unofficial start of summer and we’re excited to see what the new season brings. Your members are most likely excited for outdoor fitness opportunities, fun in the sun and relaxing vacations!

We published more than 15 articles so far this month and are very proud to have welcomed several new contributors. Check out some of our favorite articles below and share them with your colleagues and/or members if you feel they’d benefit from the information!

Workout of the Month
Workout of the Month: May
CJ Kostranchuk outlines a 6-10 minute, mid-to-high intensity experience that you can lead in a group fitness class or something you can try on your own.


Outdoor Workout
Every Season is Fitness Season: How to Take Your Indoor Workout Outside
Meredith Reinhard teaches readers the benefits of outdoor workouts and tips to get started!


Becoming a “Purple Cow” in Your Community
Becoming a “Purple Cow” in Your Community
Cory Lee explains what it takes to be different in the very crowded fitness industry!

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