March Recap

Highlights From Our Month

It’s the final week of March! For us, it was an exciting month as we welcomed the spring season and attended #IHRSA2017. We published more than ten new articles so far this month, but if your clinic was madness due to new clients and you couldn’t read them all, we’ve recapped some of our favorites for you below! We encourage you to think of colleagues who might benefit from also reading these and share the links with them via social media or email.

Youth Sports
Are Adolescent Athletes Prepared for Their Level of Sports Participation?
If you know a young athlete or train with one, you’ll learn a lot from this article by Robert Panariello!


HyperIce Vyper
Why You May Not Be Seeing Progress In Your Fitness Goals
Anthony Katz of HyperIce outlines the importance of recovery when starting a workout routine.

Fitness Equipment from Elivate
How To Best Spend $250 On Fitness Equipment
Corporate Fitness Manager Lori Harrison outlines several key pieces that will create a basic cross training circuit without breaking the bank.

4 Strategies to help your Clients Conquer Sugar Addiction
4 Strategies To Help Your Clients Conquer Sugar Addiction
In this piece, Dr. Robert Silverman provides strategies to help your clients reduce their sugar cravings.

We have a lot planned for April, so stay tuned for even more exciting news!

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