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January Resources Recapped

Has your 2017 started out in a positive way? Hopefully your gym is packed to the max with new members who are enjoying themselves and plan to keep returning all year long! Building revenue in January is always a tricky task as people are excited about a fresh start and new goals, but holiday bills often chomp away at their disposable income.

We’ve chosen to highlight five blogposts launched this month that will help you attract new members and clients to your facility and keep them spending money on products they’ll use and appreciate. They’re broken down by theme to help you best match your needs to the articles.

Theme: “New Year, New You”

New Year, New You 2017
Don’t Let Soreness Sour New Clients
Did you know one common reason clients quit training before achieving their health and wellness goals is delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS)? Read our tips to ensure your client roster is still full in June by helping your clients mentally and physically overcome the issue.

New Year, New You 2017
Retail Items Keep New Members “Invested” In Their Fitness
What do protein powder supplements, a heart rate monitor and a Vitamix have in common? They’re all big revenue boosters and items you can persuade new members to purchase particularly when their initial enthusiasm is at its highest.

New Year, New You
Retain Members by Making Them Really Belong
Learn how to creating a sense of community to transform New Year’s Resolutions chasers into club veterans. After all, countless research studies have found that working out with a buddy, or in a group, helps participants get better fitness results, stick to their workout routines, and stay motivated.

Theme: Attracting New Groups & Instruction Tips

Woman in a Cycling Fitness Class
Indoor Cycling Instruction Tips
Group cycling is always in style and if you don’t want these exercise classes to feel mundane, this is the article for you! Corporate Fitness Manager Lori Harrison compiled a list of three important factors that can make or break the quality of a spin class.


People Walking In Street
Marketing Fitness To Millennials
The Millennial Generation are a savvy bunch, but they’re busy, too. Those who live in cities tend to get their cardio in by choosing to walk to a destination rather than drive or take public transportation, so you’ve got to be creative. Discover tricks to get them to commit to your gym and get them to return.

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