Father’s Day Retailing Opportunities

Father’s Day Retailing Opportunities

I know it seems like we just celebrated Mother’s Day, but just like that, Father’s Day is right around the corner. Summer days, weeks and months fly by, so getting ahead for holiday preparations is crucial. And best of all – June is Men’s Health Month, so offering fun, health-related products to your clients and their family members will help encourage more frequent activity and a healthy lifestyle!

Also, retailing products in your gym that you recommend and utilize, can impact revenue in a positive fashion, so now’s the perfect time to stock up prior to Sunday, June 18.

I’ve outlined several gift ideas that are perfect coming from you, a trained health and fitness professional. You won’t find a necktie, coffee mug or power tool listed below, but you will find products that help others stay healthy, active and fit…and there’s nothing better than giving the gift of health.

Hyperice VyperHyperice VYPER
recent study showed that clients can experience a greater increase in range of motion, when vibration is applied during foam rolling, compared to foam rolling alone. Allow your members to give the gift innovation! Another good tip – encourage your staff to place Hyperice Hypersoothe nearby, so they can give their dad two great gifts that work well together!

HyperIce Vyper

Body Sport Dumbbells GroupAt-Home Exercisers
No “man cave” is complete without sturdy and durable gym equipment! Purchasing new dumbbellskettlebellsmedicine balls or stretching straps is a smart move and super affordable. No doubt all men will appreciate it!


Skechers Gowalk Activity TrackerActivity Trackers
Activity trackers make it easy for users to track steps, sleep quality, calories burned from exercise and much more! These support high-performance athletes, as well as those who are less active, too.


Vitamix 7500Sports Nutrition Products
Because we’re in the business of keeping people healthy and feeling good, why not invest in a blender from Vitamix or energy-boosting products by GLUKOS for your retail space? These items are great all year long and are an easy way for you to help promote healthy eating habits especially around the holidays.


Another way to remind clients of the convenience of purchasing retail products through your gym: Ask your front desk staff to keep guests updated as to how much time is remaining until Father’s Day. Seeing a retail section packed with great products and ideas will give them the opportunity to cross gift buying off their to-do list.

And don’t get too busy just helping your clients and members find the perfect present – keep in mind that the men in your life would love the ideas listed above, too!

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