Healthy Travel Tips for Fitness Pros

Healthy Travel Tips: 6 Amazing Things Pros Do When Traveling

Do you travel for work or leisure frequently? Maybe your clients are frequent travelers – especially if they belong to an athletic team. The below article from Justin Frandson can help you or a client get through a stress-free flight that leaves you feeling healthy and refreshed. Read on for his tips! 

Even the most unaware know that airplanes can be a good place to pick up germs. There are just so many people in a confined area with an array of perfect hiding places for germs in and all around the seats. Healthy travel is not easy. As you board the plane, you will often smell the scent of sanitizer from a diligent mom wanting to kill all the germs for her baby. When you smell that distinct cleaning smell, it may be a long flight with a crying baby. Hope she feeds the baby during take-off and landing… A parenting tip: when babies swallow it helps them to decompress their ears.

Anyhow, not to get sidetracked, let’s get back to the topic at hand. Traveling can take its toll on the body. The stress of getting there on time, security, making sure the flights are on time and keeping track of all your belongings (kids included) is a lot. These 6 tips are proven from the pros.

Golfers can have about 25 separate events a year. NHL has about 82 games in season plus postseason and they can’t play them all at home. You get the picture…they are not only pro players, but pro travelers. This is why you should do the following when you travel:

1. Spray Colloidal Silver to Clean and Sanitize

We support and love the natural movement and with our purchase power. This is an ideal opportunity to make a wiser purchase for our own health. Not only is colloidal silver amazing for the immune system, but it also can be used as a natural cleanser when spritzed over the airplane seats. The sanitizer scent is mostly all chemicals. Straight in from Wikipedia: “The silver ion (Ag+) is bioactive and in sufficient concentration readily kills bacteria in vitro. Silver and silver nanoparticles are used as an antimicrobial in a variety of industrial, healthcare and domestic applications.

Yes, this is a natural alternative medicine that is regaining its popularity again and it works. You can do a sublingual spritz and receive the silver benefits internally (a boosted immune system) or you can spray your area. Check it out yourself.

2. Stand Up Every 30 Minutes

Your body is a river, not a pond. It needs to flow like a river and be active. “Running water never goes stale, so you just have to keep on flowing,” Bruce Lee said. The optimal way to keep circulation flowing is through movement. Standing up often, at least every 30 minutes, will get the body working the way it wants to and keep it from getting too stagnant. The human body needs movement and gravity with the magnetic pull of the north and south poles to maintain health. Don’t be shy, go say hello to the flight attendants. If you talk to them, they may let you stand a bit longer.

3. Do Not Take Sleeping Pills

Ambien is the most popular pharmaceutical sleeping aid that is not supposed to give you a hangover. Any time you ingest a chemical, it has more than just one effect on the body. Avoid putting anything foreign into your system, as it is simply one more thing your body needs to resolve. Well, you ask how in the world will I sleep with the screaming baby or when I am not even tired? The next two tips will get you where you want to be amongst the chaos. Keeping a clean intake will be a major factor on sustained energy and avoiding severe jet lag.

4. Hydrate before Flight and Avoid Airplane Food

Speaking of intake, hydrate with mountain spring water before you fly. Dehydration is a major part of fatigue. Resist the temptation to eat airplane food. When you are following the Bliss Intake of burning fat as a primary fuel source, you should have sustained energy to get you through a flight. If not, plan ahead and pack healthy snacks. A few of our favorite snacks are nuts, seeds, seaweed, apples, carrots or protein bars.

5. Bring Earplugs, Eye Masks (or Sunglasses) and a Hat

Make sure you bring headphones or earbuds that will effectively block out sound during your flight. My wife will bust out a cool eye mask, but I prefer my shades. They are so light that I don’t even realize I’m wearing them. Dimming the lights is key. I also wear a baseball hat to block extra light and to avoid eye contact with others when I am resting.

6. Listen to Howard Wills or Ocean Waves

If you want to chill naturally and instantly, download these sounds. Howard Wills is an amazing healer and has developed sounds that relax the body and put it vibrating at a higher frequency. This is so next level and will complement with your Headspace meditation. So just chill and enjoy your flight!

This article is by Justin Frandson. The author’s opinions are their own and Gear Update does not take responsibility for content statements and opinions. You should seek expert counsel in evaluating opinions, treatments, products and services. For more info see our Editorial Policies.

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