Sample Plyometrics Workout

Sample Plyometrics Workout: The Plyo Box Burner

Plyometrics training is part of any athlete’s core training regimen – jump training is what helps basketball players reach the rim, football players make it into the end zone and soccer players successfully head the ball into the goal. Not just for the athletes you train, plyometrics build up leg strength and explosive power without weights. Incorporate Brett Klika’s plyometrics circuit into your next group X or personal training session. Not only will it test endurance, it will serve as a welcome break from the regular leg day routine.

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 Plyometrics Sample Workout
Plyo Box Burner

Perform as a circuit

10 seconds rest between exercises

Repeat circuit 3 times

  1. 10 Plyo box hops (2 feet)
  2. 10 Push ups (feet on box)
  3. 10 Lateral box step ups (right foot)
  4. 10 Lateral box step ups (left foot)
  5. 10 Dips (hands on box)
  6. 10 Alternating knee tucks (hands on box)
  7. 10 Alternating step ups
  8. 1 box clock each way (feet on box, hands walking in a circle on the ground around box)
  9. 10 alternating circle agilities around box (facing forward using rapid steps move around the box clockwise, then counter-clockwise)
  10. 10 Supine alternating leg raises (heels on box, back on ground)

Plyometrics Sample Workout

**Download workout and share with your clients!**

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