Wreck Bag Workout by Brett Klika

Sample Strength Training Workout: The Wreck Bag Fat-Wrecker


Sometimes clients are resistant or less-than-enthusiastic about training routines that feature the usual suspects: weighted bars, dumbbells or even kettlebells. That’s why we’ve seen an explosion of popularity for unique functional and strength training items, including the Surge and Sandbells.

The Wreck Bag by Lindon Fitness is not a sand bag; the bag is filled with a proprietary rubber blend that absorbs shock, conforms to an individual’s body and won’t absorb sweat. That’s why it’s the perfect choice for OCR training and can now be found in many functional training centers across the country. This sample strength training workout from Brett Klika, C.S.C.S. and IDEA’s Personal Trainer of the Year (2013), displays how versatile the specialty weight bag can be. Targeting both the upper and lower body, sample workout also engages the core and increase cardio output. Try the Wreck Bag Fat-Wrecker workout with any client with weight management goals for the New Year.

Wreck Bag Fat-Wrecker Instructions

30 seconds each exercise (unless otherwise noted)

No rest between paired exercises

30 seconds rest between paired exercises

3-4 sets each


Wreck Bag squat and press + Wreck Bag Bent Row

Wreck Bag good mornings + Wreck Bag 10 yard shuffles

(shuffle back and forth with bag on shoulders)

Wreck Bag chops (10 each side)

Plank with Wreck Bag on back 30 seconds


**Download this workout and share with clients**

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