Sample TRX Workout: The TRX Total Body Burn by Brett Klika

The TRX is undoubtedly one of the most popular suspension training systems on the fitness market – and with good reason. The simple set-up can be used by beginners or advanced members for total body training. TRX Master Trainer Casey Stutzman recently talked about the benefits derived from a TRX workout and personal trainer Brett Klika shared the above TRX circuit with us. There’s no better way to whip clients back into shape post-holiday, so download this workout and share it with clients who could use a kickstart to their workout routine.

TRX Workout Sample

TRX Workout: Total Body Burn

3 Sets of Each Combo

No rest between sets

FIRST: 10 TRX row + 10 TRX overhead triceps+ 10 TRX bicep

SECOND: 10 TRX lunge right leg + 10 TRX row left leg +10 TRX Y-squat (Hands in “Y” overhead)

THIRD: 15 TRX knee tucks (feet in cradle) + 15 TRX pike-ups (feet in cradle) + 10 TRX Push-ups (feet in cradle)

TRX Workout Sample

**Click the thumbnail to access the full workout for your clients!

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