Workout of the Month – August

Team ELIVATE’s August workout was led by CJ (Christopher Kostranchuk) on a scorcher of a day. It was a 22-minute total body fitness circuit class using Wall Balls, Kettlebells and Jump Ropes. CJ customized sequences to coincide with our various fitness levels. Warm up for 5-10 minutes Minute 0-9 Alternate: Jump Rope (Beginners – x50, Advanced – Double Under x30) …

Lori Harrison ELIVATE Fitness Personal Trainer

Lori Harrison

Corporate Fitness Manager and Certified Personal Trainer

Techniques to relieve muscle cramps

From the experts – a technique to help relieve muscle cramps

For more than 35 years, I have spent time with many different sports, many age ranges from elementary school through the 4th decade, at pretty much every level of competition from AYSO soccer up through every school age, Olympic and professional levels. The one thing that all athletes are susceptible to is muscle cramping. Earlier in my career, after I …

David S. Myers

David S. Myers