Why you can’t lift more weight

Here’s what you’re doing wrong: You can’t just rely on a steady diet of sagittal plane-dominated squats, bench, deadlift, clean, and snatch lifts. Why are you tapped out on your PR’s? Movement quality and strength/power are built off of a foundation of mobility (positioning) and stability. Your lifting program depends on these same two qualities. If your PR’s plateaued or you’re …

Douglas Brooks

MS, Exercise Physiologist

October 2018 Workout of the Month

Try out the latest fitness trend with this total body workout utilizing the mace and kettle bell. This quick 15 minute workout will work to tone your entire body. Perform the designated number of reps per exercise and move on to the next exercise; repeating the circuit as many times as possible in 15 minutes.   Exercises:

CJ Kostranchuk

Level 1 CrossFit Coach and Founder/Co-Owner, Coach at The Bar Athletics

September Workout of the Month

With summer coming to an end, get outside one last time with this total body Wall Ball Workout. Select a weighted ball of your choice from 8 – 20 pounds.  Complete each exercise 10 times. Rest 1 minute after each round and repeat each round 4-6 times.   Exercises:

Lori Harrison

Boxout Corporate Fitness Manager

The Portable Workout from Elivate Fitness

The At Home Workout

Being on the road is no excuse for not keeping up your workout schedule. Many hotels have fitness centers, but just in case yours doesn’t, or you just aren’t up to leaving your room, we’ve put together a portable workout using just your body weight and things that are available in your hotel room. HIIT ANYWHERE WORKOUT REPEAT & REST …

Lori Harrison

Boxout Corporate Fitness Manager