Importance of Antioxidants, Phytochemicals and Fiber for Optimal Health

A Scientific White Paper Research on the Importance of Antioxidants, Phytochemicals and Fiber for Achieving Optimal Health and Longevity An Official Publication of: Ceautamed Worldwide, LLC Introduction Most of us have heard that diets high in fruits and vegetables can help us lose weight, reduce our risk of heart disease, cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure, cataracts, macular degeneration, osteoporosis, arthritis …

Stress Eating

How to Help Clients Avoid Stress Eating

We all know clients who turn to food to relieve everyday anxiety — and the extra pounds might even be the reason they have invested in personal training sessions. Whether their anxieties are tied to their spouse or children, caring for elderly parents, a move or being overwhelmed in the workplace, here are four simple solutions to help them overcome this …

Lori Harrison ELIVATE Fitness Personal Trainer

Lori Harrison

Corporate Fitness Manager and Certified Personal Trainer

4 Strategies to help your Clients Conquer Sugar Addiction

4 Strategies To Help Your Clients Conquer Sugar Addiction

In May 2016, the FDA announced changes to the nutrition facts food label that appears on all packaged foods and drinks. Starting in 2018, the new label must clearly state how much sugar the manufacturer added to the product and what percentage of the recommended daily maximum that represents. This is a huge improvement over the current label, which lists …

Dr. Robert Silverman

Dr. Robert Silverman