Study Review: Effects of Exercise on Posture and Chest Function

The Study: Effect of thorax correction exercises on flexed posture and chest function in older women with age-related hyperkyphosis  The Facts: The authors looked at the effect of exercises on the hyperkyphosis and chest function in older women. All subjects were over 65 years of age. 41 women were divided into exercise and control groups. The exercise group performed “breathing …

Dr. Mark Payne

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May is Posture Month

May is Posture Month

Are people already lining up for their Posture Month checkup? I’m going to show you how a simple posture picture can deliver a ton of information in a short amount of time. Take note of how easy it is to relay your findings to a client when you look at each area of the body by PostureZone®. Are people already …

Dr. Steven Weiniger

Dr. Steve Weiniger

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Posture in the workplace

Improving Posture: Workplace Edition

Last month, I shared an article about the basics of improving posture, which is just as important as nutrition and excercise. As a Corporate Fitness Manager, I see people every day sitting properly at their workspace but we all know people out there who slouch, sit too near or too far from their computer screen or adjust their legs in an awkward …

Lori Harrison

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Posture Basics

Improving Posture: The Basics

As we learned earlier this month in a previous article, there have been long-standing discussions linking poor posture and depression. Of course, it’s not shocking that the two are tied to one another. Slumping compresses the front of the body and weakens the back, which can impact breathing and digestion. When you think of a happy, confident person, you most …

Lori Harrison

Boxout Corporate Fitness Manager