Can Stretching make you stronger?

Can Stretching Make You Stronger?

Whether to do static stretching or not can be a very contentious issue. On the one hand, static stretching (especially intense stretching lasting >60 seconds) is known to reduce force in subsequent exercise. Many strength coaches therefore recommend against doing static stretching before a workout, or before a practice or competition, when working with athletes. On the other hand, inter-set …

Chris Beardsley

Christopher Beardsley

Director of Strength and Conditioning Research

March Recap

Highlights From Our Month

It’s the final week of March! For us, it was an exciting month as we welcomed the spring season and attended #IHRSA2017. We published more than ten new articles so far this month, but if your clinic was madness due to new clients and you couldn’t read them all, we’ve recapped some of our favorites for you below! We encourage …

Exercises to Reduce the Risk of Ankle Sprains

Exercises to Reduce the Risk of Ankle Sprains

Ankle sprains are the most common injury in sports and physical activity, estimating to be about 25% of all injuries across sports. Of all ankle injuries 85% involve the lateral ankle ligaments. There is strong evidence suggesting you increase risk of re-spraining your ankle two fold within the first year of spraining your ankle. Every year in the US, lateral …

Arash Rex Maghsoodi

Arash Rex Maghsoodi

Doctor of Physical Therapy Candidate at the University of Southern California

Youth Sports

Are Adolescent Athletes Prepared for Their Level of Sports Participation?

A great number of present-day adolescent athletes (girls ages 12 to 18 and boys 14 to 18) participate in organized team sports. Many of these young athletes partake in a common theme of sport “specialization” whereby the selection of a specific sport of participation is played year-round, 24/7/365. Many of these young athletes aspire for their sport participation to evolve …

Robert Panariello

Robert Panariello

MS, PT, ATC, CSCS, Founding Partner & Chief Clinical Officer of Professional Physical Therapy

Hamstring Strain Exercises

The Top 4 Modifiable Risk Factors for Hamstring Strains

4 Reasons “Tight” Hamstrings Lead to Hamstring Strains Have you ever strained your hamstring before? You’re not alone! Hamstring strain injuries are among the most common acute musculoskeletal injury in the United States. Athletes who participate in track and field, soccer, and football are especially prone to these injuries given the sprinting demands of these sports. One study found that …

The Prehab Guys - Michael Lau, Arash Maghsoodi, and Craig Lindell

The Prehab Guys

Doctor of Physical Therapy Students and Strength and Conditioning Specialists

Better Golf Posture vs. Better Golf Posture

Don’t Let Golf Be a Pain in Your Back

Injuries to the back are by far the most common in golfers, regardless of age. The causes for back pain vary, however, with amateurs getting injured from poor mechanics, pros getting injured from overuse, and Tiger Woods getting injured from…well, you can be the judge of that. Whenever I am evaluating a golfer, injured or not, I always check hip …

Lindsay Becker

Dr. Lindsay Becker


High Intensity Fitness Programming

Six Versatile Items For High-Intensity Fitness Programming

Clients join a specific gym or club for many different reasons. Some like the social aspect of group exercise, while others choose a facility based on high-end equipment or other factors that align with their goals. Facilities offering high-intensity fitness programming, regardless of what they name the class, need certain products that might not be required for other classes. If …

Woman Running Elivate Fitness

What is Rhabdomyolysis and Why Should You Care?

When Texas Women’s University junior Briley Cole experienced an unusual delayed pain following the annual fitness test for her competitive volleyball team, she knew something was off. Cole was actually one of eight players from her team that wound up hospitalized last year for a rare condition called rhabdomyolysis (also known as rhabdo), which, in their case, was induced by …

Dr. Joe Horrigan

Dr. Joe Horrigan

Doctor of Chiropractic, Director of Soft Tissue Center at DISC, co-author of The Seven-Minute Rotator Cuff Solution & Strength and Conditioning and Injury Prevention for Hockey, Board Member of ACBSP

Weightlifting Elivate Fitness

Considerations in Athletic Performance Enhancement Training: Athlete Weight Room Preparation

Robert A. Panariello MS, PT, ATC, CSCS Professional Physical Therapy Professional Athletic Performance Center New York, New York During my 30+ career as a Physical Therapist (PT), Certified Athletic Trainer (ATC) and Strength and Conditioning (S&C) Coach, I have been involved in both the Sports Rehabilitation and Performance Enhancement Training of athletes and have had many valued experiences throughout my …

Robert Panariello

Robert Panariello

MS, PT, ATC, CSCS, Founding Partner & Chief Clinical Officer of Professional Physical Therapy

New Year, New You 2017

Don’t Let Soreness Sour New Clients

There are many reasons a new client might stop personal training. Some are outside of your control, such as: budget, career demands, and family obligations. But many are within your control, and it’s important to identify and address those factors early in the training relationship. One common reason clients quit training before achieving their New Year’s resolution is delayed onset …