Fitness Equipment

How To Best Spend $250 On Fitness Equipment

Spring will be here (officially) next week and when a new season rolls around, the saying “out with the old, in with the new” can come to mind. Whether you haven’t made much progress on a New Year’s Resolution, you simply want to refresh pertinent fitness pieces or add to your already assembled home gym, investing in new workout equipment …

Lori Harrison ELIVATE Fitness Personal Trainer

Lori Harrison

Corporate Fitness Manager and Certified Personal Trainer

Youth Sports

Are Adolescent Athletes Prepared for Their Level of Sports Participation?

A great number of present-day adolescent athletes (girls ages 12 to 18 and boys 14 to 18) participate in organized team sports. Many of these young athletes partake in a common theme of sport “specialization” whereby the selection of a specific sport of participation is played year-round, 24/7/365. Many of these young athletes aspire for their sport participation to evolve …

Robert Panariello

Robert Panariello

MS, PT, ATC, CSCS, Founding Partner & Chief Clinical Officer of Professional Physical Therapy

Hamstring Strain Exercises

The Top 4 Modifiable Risk Factors for Hamstring Strains

4 Reasons “Tight” Hamstrings Lead to Hamstring Strains Have you ever strained your hamstring before? You’re not alone! Hamstring strain injuries are among the most common acute musculoskeletal injury in the United States. Athletes who participate in track and field, soccer, and football are especially prone to these injuries given the sprinting demands of these sports. One study found that …

The Prehab Guys - Michael Lau, Arash Maghsoodi, and Craig Lindell

The Prehab Guys

Doctor of Physical Therapy Students and Strength and Conditioning Specialists

Recapping Our February

February Highlights

March will bring with it the first day of spring, which is exciting…but before we jump to the next season, we want to recap February. After all, your gym members and clients are most likely happy to see mild temperatures and might be more willing to stop in if they don’t have to battle a snowy walk to your entrance. Plenty of …

Doc N Roll

The Doc N’ Roll: The Must Have Self Myofascial Release Tool

The Doc N’ Roll is the world’s first standing foam roller and it’s now available through Elivate! No more lying down on floors. It’s a new way to foam roll! Stand-up foam rolling allows you to use your body weight to leverage pressure on the muscles that are typically difficult to get to with a traditional foam roller. The Doc …

Craig Dossman

Dr. Craig Dossman, Jr.

DC, Creator of Dossman Advantage Taping (DAT), Inventor of MobiLOOP and author

Group Cycling Class

How To Maintain a Fun Atmosphere in a Group Cycling Class

A few weeks back, I wrote about Indoor Cycling Instruction Tips and received a fantastic response! I’m lucky to know so many amazing spinning instructors who can attract hard working individuals to their classes and appreciate quality exercise equipment. Today, I want to tackle how to make indoor cycling classes (even more) fun. We all reuse music and choreography on occasion, but those who attend your class …

Lori Harrison ELIVATE Fitness Personal Trainer

Lori Harrison

Corporate Fitness Manager and Certified Personal Trainer

High Intensity Fitness Programming

Six Versatile Items For High-Intensity Fitness Programming

Clients join a specific gym or club for many different reasons. Some like the social aspect of group exercise, while others choose a facility based on high-end equipment or other factors that align with their goals. Facilities offering high-intensity fitness programming, regardless of what they name the class, need certain products that might not be required for other classes. If …

Group of Runners

Fitness: Your Client’s Best Hour

Seeing results from working out is exciting, and it can be a great incentive for a person with fitness goals to keep coming to the gym. But, often, it’s not just fitness goals that keep them returning. Adults might be looking for more than a way to lose weight or gain muscle – they are looking for a community of likeminded …

Man Using Cell Phone

Can cell phones + calisthenics = a catastrophe?

Michael Rebold, Ph.D., assistant professor of integrative exercise science at Hiram College says a good workout and an buzzing cell phone don’t mix. Rebold and Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania researchers revealed through a recently released study1 that texting and/or talking on your cell phone will lower your session’s intensity and also impact balance. 45 college students were examined and the research shows that …