What do the 3 most famous athletes have in common?

What do the three best athletes in the world have in common?

Recently, Lebron James was spotted in Las Vegas wearing custom made Hyperice Ice Compression Technology. The next day, Kelly Slater, the world’s best surfer, posted an image of Hyperice Ice Compression Technology, which was critical in his recent injury recovery. That same week, a Sports Illustrated article documented Tom Brady’s daily workout and recovery regime. The Vyper and Hypersphere were …

Workout of the Month – August

Team ELIVATE’s August workout was led by CJ (Christopher Kostranchuk) on a scorcher of a day. It was a 22-minute total body fitness circuit class using Wall Balls, Kettlebells and Jump Ropes. CJ customized sequences to coincide with our various fitness levels. Warm up for 5-10 minutes Minute 0-9 Alternate: Jump Rope (Beginners – x50, Advanced – Double Under x30) …

Lori Harrison ELIVATE Fitness Personal Trainer

Lori Harrison

Corporate Fitness Manager and Certified Personal Trainer