Answer to a common client Resolution for Better Health

Even though it’s a few months into the new year, it’s never too late to make and keep health-related resolutions. Inevitably, for some of us and for some of your clients, that means weight loss, which also means you are bound to be getting questions about weight loss solutions and products.

This might seem a little too apparent but helping to support a healthy diet and an active metabolism are the first logical steps in doing this. Greens First has done just this with their new LEAN line. Unlike traditional weight loss solutions, these aren’t just products—they’re an entire protocol, including a suggested meal plan and exercise regimen. This also includes recommendations regarding how and when to take the products to maximize their support faculties.

Another critical part of weight loss is cleansing/detox; purging toxins and stagnant waste material from your system, which not only gives the client a quick way to shed a few pounds in a matter of days, but it also helps to optimize the body’s metabolism for more sustained progress.

In other words, getting the gunk out of your system is going to cut weight right away while at the same time getting the body in the right mode to burn fat stores.

The new Greens First FULL BODY AM/PM CLEANSE does just that, and it is designed to be a very mild, tolerable 5-day detox support product.

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