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Why sleeping position matters

How do your clients feel when they wake up in the morning? Refreshed, rested and ready to go? Or stiff, achy and wishing they could go back to sleep for another few hours? The difference may depend on their sleeping position. Sleeping on your back Most experts agree that sleeping on your back is the ideal position, but it’s not …

Dr. Robert Silverman

Dr. Robert Silverman


Improve your Posture with this Series of Stretches, Part 2

In Part 1 we discussed the importance of stretching the internal rotators of the shoulders to improve: posture energy levels confidence and appearance and reduce: tension headaches shoulder issues neck and back pain In this article we’ll add the wall stretches listed below to this series. As always, please make sure to err on the side of caution when stretching, so …

John Pecora

Dr. John Pecora

ELIVATE Vice President, Managing Editor, Communities and Education

What Makes a Good Leader: 5 Components of Emotional Intelligence

Whether you’re leading a group fitness class or looking to move up within your organization, leadership is an indispensable skill – and emotional intelligence is a key component. In fact, it’s estimated that 80% of the best leaders have the five emotional intelligence qualities discussed below. But why is emotional intelligence so important? Because research confirms that leaders with emotional …

David S. Myers

David S. Myers


New Device Lets You Accurately Measure Performance During Resistance Workouts

kiio Sensor Resistance training, while highly beneficial to the athlete, has always had an annoying drawback: the inability to precisely measure how much force the athlete is exerting during exercise. But that problem has now been solved. Introducing the kiio Sensor The kiio Sensor is a small, self-contained unit that can be connected to a resistance cable, band, tube or …

Study Review: Effects of Exercise on Posture and Chest Function

The Study: Effect of thorax correction exercises on flexed posture and chest function in older women with age-related hyperkyphosis  The Facts: The authors looked at the effect of exercises on the hyperkyphosis and chest function in older women. All subjects were over 65 years of age. 41 women were divided into exercise and control groups. The exercise group performed “breathing …

Dr. Mark Payne

Doctor of Chiropractic, Founder and President Matlin Mfg Inc., Publisher and Editor in Chief of

5 Kettlebell Movements to Gain Muscle

If you think kettlebells are just for swinging, think again. Kettlebells are one of the most versatile tools available to athletes today. They’re well suited to a wide range of fitness applications: strength training, conditioning, and working to increase explosiveness, power and mobility. In fact, many traditional barbell lifts can be turned into an effective kettlebell movement. Here are some …

CJ Kostranchuk

CJ Kostranchuk

Sales Manager at ELIVATE Fitness, Level 1 CrossFit Coach and Founder/Co-Owner, Coach at The Bar Athletics

Workout of the Month – November 2017

The ELIVATE November Workout of the Month utilizes kettlebells and a battle rope. Your goal is to complete as many rounds as possible in a 20-minute time frame. Aim for 5 to 7 rounds (but no more than 7) and choose your kettlebell weights accordingly. Workout Instructions Perform all exercises in a group as a circuit. Perform A1, then A2, then A3. …

CJ Kostranchuk

CJ Kostranchuk

Sales Manager at ELIVATE Fitness, Level 1 CrossFit Coach and Founder/Co-Owner, Coach at The Bar Athletics

5 Benefits of Battle Ropes Training

Increasingly popular in gyms, and commonly utilized by boot camps and personal trainers, battle ropes are a dynamic, effective training tool. They are available in a variety of diameters and length, creating progressive levels of difficulty. Longer ropes ideal for pulling movements; thicker ropes are advantageous for developing power and grip strength. Battle Ropes are also great because their portability …

CJ Kostranchuk

CJ Kostranchuk

Sales Manager at ELIVATE Fitness, Level 1 CrossFit Coach and Founder/Co-Owner, Coach at The Bar Athletics

A Practical Guide to Hacking Compassion in the Workplace

What is Compassion Compassion is simply caring in action. When we notice that people around are going through challenges, and we respond with an intent to help them out of their challenges, we are being compassionate. We are also being compassionate when we notice and respond kindly to our own challenges (self-compassion). Compassion is part of our human nature, and …

Dr. Immanual Joseph

PhD., CPC, ELI-MP and Co-founder/Visionary Kulture Of Kindness

Long Term Athletic Development: Considerations Within Tennis – A Practical Approach, Part 2

The aim of this group of articles is to provide evidenced-based practical considerations on how LTAD can be implemented within tennis clubs, regardless of facilities, number of players or coaches working in the program. Part One of this series emphasized the importance of how motor skill and strength development should work alongside the delivery of tennis coaching. As discussed, strength …

Jonathan Fraser

CTPS, MTPS Owner of Science in Tennis; Strength and Conditioning Coach, Claudio Pistolesi Enterprise