Amber Boyd Nutrition Dietician NASM Master Trainer

Amber Boyd

NASM Master Trainer, Creator of Physiqu-Ed, Professor

Amber Boyd is a self-made fitness entrepreneur and popular online personality best known as one who creates high intensity, short, results driven workouts allowing viewers to achieve their goals—no matter what they are.

Amber began her career when she realized that being overweight was not where she wanted to be. When weight loss became an obsession, she battled with anorexia. She then turned her knowledge and passion for all things fitness to helping others achieve their goals, focusing not only on the physical side of fitness, but also the psychological and motivational aspects of it. She started Physiqu-Ed and her YouTube Channel to share her expertise and spread this message.

Amber is a mother of three children (all boys), ages 18, 13, and 6 years old and resides in a small town outside of Phoenix, AZ called San Tan Valley.

Amber graduated from California University of Pennsylvania in May of 2014, holding her Bachelor of Science degree. During her tenure at Cal U, she received her NASE certification, and became a published author of the NASE magazine. She is also certified as a Master Certified Personal Trainer through NASM, as well as a Corrective Exercise, Group Personal Training, and Sport Nutrition Specialist. Featured in a previous issue of NASM’s The Training Edge magazine, the article shows her interest in training in groups. Most recently, Amber has become a full-time professor at a local University to teach in the Exercise Science program. After receiving her Master’s degree (with a concentration of Sport Psychology) after the summer semester of 2016 at Cal U, her ultimate goal is to reach further to continue her education by obtaining her doctorate in Psychology.Amber Boyd Fitness Professional