3ACT Slide – The Multi-Directional Self-Contained Fitness Tool

The 3ACT Slide’s multi-directional design allows tri-plane movement to simulate athletic and physical demands for a variety of sports and rehabilitation needs. The sliding surface demands increased muscular activity, emphasizing control of deceleration forces to optimize explosive athletic skill. The dual sided stability blocks allow customized foot positioning, while offering safety and movement specific guidance.

The idea for the 3ACT Slide was conceived by physical therapist Dave Armet and personal trainer Christy Abel as they were preparing for a golf performance lecture. Their conversations focused around the common movement flaws they observed in so many golfers and athletes. They desired a surface on which they could promote rotational movements for a wide range of physical abilities. Beyond this, they knew it had to be portable as they had both previously worked in locations where floor space was limited.

Frequently Asked Questions

When ordering a 3ACT Slide, what is included?

  • A 6-foot in diameter circle that breaks down easily and quickly into 5 lightweight portable pieces
  • 8 Stability Blocks, designed for strength, and ease of movement that can be used two different ways
  • A pair of navy shoe covers. Fits all sizes
  • Access to a free video library to give you lots of movement ideas

You have everything you need to start sliding immediately.

What do I need to be aware of before starting a 3ACT Slide workout?

Consult your physician prior to starting to workout with the 3ACT Slide. During the workout if you feel faint, dizzy, nauseous, experience pain or tightness in your chest, irregular heartbeat, shortness of breath, stop exercising immediately and consult your doctor. If you are pregnant, seek a doctor’s advice. If you have had an injury, knee, hip or any other replacement surgery, consult a physician. 3ACT Slide is a low impact, high intensity workout. By moving the stability blocks, the workout can be tailored to all abilities. Start slow and build.

How do I properly insert the stability blocks?

The locking tabs need to fit securely in the alignment holes. Failure to do so can put you or the block at risk. Watch Video

How is the 3ACT Slide assembled?

Make certain the seams of each puzzle piece align well. Slight irregularities in connections are normal and will not affect the user’s ability to slide. When putting the 3ACT Slide away, carefully take slide pieces apart and either lay flat or hang in the carry bag.

How do I care for the surface of the 3ACT Slide?

If you use the 3ACT Slide often, it will get covered in sweat and occasional dirt. This is unavoidable. We recommend using a gentle surface cleaner to wipe the 3ACT Slide down on a regular basis.

How do I keep my 3ACT Slide surface slippery?

The best product to occasionally put on the 3ACT Slide to keep it slippery is the original Armor All Protectant available in a variety of stores. Do not use silicone based lubricants.

How should I store my 3ACT Slide when not in use?

Taking care to store the disassembled board pieces flat or hanging in the carry bag. This is the best method for maintaining the 3ACT Slide in optimal condition. Pieces can be damaged by stacking them against a wall.

Is the 3ACT Slide good in combination with my training?

Absolutely! In many sports, you tend to train in one plane. With the 3ACT Slide, you work out in 3 different planes and this mirrors movement in sport. The 3ACT Slide can help to prevent injury, gain strength, increase balance and flexibility.

What should I wear for a 3ACT Slide workout?

We recommend wearing sneakers under the included shoe covers. Bare feet are acceptable for certain flexibility or slide yoga movements. Loose, comfortable clothing for your normal workouts is suggested.

Can I take my 3ACT Slide on the road?

Yes, the carrying bag makes it easy to take the 3ACT Slide wherever you need to go. For best results, use the 3ACT Slide on commercial carpet, rubber workout floors, pavement, or any other hard surface.

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