IHRSA 2018 Elivate Fitness Educational recap

The IHRSA International Convention & Trade Show is known around the world for its high-energy trade show, motivational keynote speakers, expert educational sessions, and buzzing networking events.

IHRSA’s mission is to grow, protect, and promote the health and fitness industry, and to provide its members with the benefits that will help them be more successful. IHRSA and its members (health clubs and fitness facilities, gyms, spas, sports clubs, and industry suppliers) are dedicated to making the world healthier through regular exercise.

In case you missed IHRSA 2018 in sunny San Diego…here’s a brief re-cap from the ELIVATE team. If you have any questions about any of the products or tradeshow specials, which still might be available, please contact your ELIVATE Account Manager.

ELIVATE and Body Sport unveil Jellz™ urethane coated dumbbells

Jellz are an exciting new line of coated hex dumbbells from Body Sport. Available in a full spectrum of energizing colors and weight increments, these rugged, resilient dumbbells make a brilliant addition to group classes, exercise rooms, and even the fitness floor.

Smart Tools BRF Smart Cuffs

Dr. Ed Le Cara from Smart Tools speaks at the ELIVATE booth during one of the ELIVATE Fitness educational breakout sessions about the benefits of Blood Flow Restriction training with Smart Cuffs.

“Blood Flow Restriction” (BFR) training involves wrapping an elastic band or cuff around your limbs to partially block blood flow during a workout. The technique has been growing in popularity among bodybuilders in recent years and new research suggests that it may have potential to enhance endurance and assist in injury rehabilitation. Proper education and effective application for efficacy and patient safety is the key.

Dr Le Cara works with “Mr. Maceman” Rik Brown, who swings a mace while wearing one of the Smart Tools BFR cuffs on his left arm.

The goal of BFR training is to increase the metabolic stress on your muscles without doing intense work that causes muscle breakdown. To accomplish the goal, one wraps a tourniquet-like cuff around the top of the arm and/or leg. The cuff is tight enough to block the veins returning blood from the muscles to the heart, but loose enough to allow fresh arterial blood into the muscles.

The 3ACT Slide is a portable self-contained fitness and rehabilitation tool

The 3ACT Slide’s multi-directional design allows tri-plane movement to simulate athletic and physical demands for a variety of sports and rehabilitation needs. The sliding surface demands increased muscular activity, emphasizing control of deceleration forces to optimize explosive athletic skill. The dual sided stability blocks allow customized foot positioning, while offering safety and movement specific guidance.

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