The Art of Coaching Is as Real as the Science of Training

There are few concepts that have been more misunderstood than the “Art of Coaching.” One of the biggest misconceptions is that the Art of Coaching is nothing but motivational fluff and a “let’s hug it out” mentality.

So, to begin, we first need to understand and acknowledge that the Art of Coaching is real.

The Art of Coaching is every bit as real as the science of training, and it’s rooted in the science of behavior, influence, and human motivation.

We all know that having a good training plan, a great facility, and top-level athletes are not enough for a perfect training session. Quality coaching matters, and there are always numerous variables in the equation.

The Art of Coaching is about harnessing the ability to adapt to your athletes, sports coaches, and colleagues. It’s also about the ability to see your own faults while constantly working to enhance your ability to communicate so your athletes can benefit from an optimized learning environment.

Some coaches may not want to acknowledge it, but the Art of Coaching is real, and it’s time to pay it its proper due.

I have spent years researching the social and behavioral sciences underpinning the core skills that make up the Art of Coaching. I went on to test, apply, and adapt them in my work as a coach—and like you, I’m still learning more every day.

These concepts are founded in the behavioral and social sciences and backed by decades of research. They bring together the science and application of building buy-in by drawing on my experiences as a coach and challenging you with proven practical activities.

This isn’t inspirational jargon. The research is there! For the course, I’ve taken on board the scientific findings and applied them to the playing field with undeniable results. And now I’m going to show you how to do the same.

Stay tuned for the next article where we’ll continue to discuss the concepts around the Art of Coaching.

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