Flip Your AMP-K Switch “ON” …The Key to Weight Loss

Recent research has discovered a potential key to effective and lasting weight loss.

Scientists have found that weight loss can be as easy as turning on a key enzyme that burns fat and turns up the metabolism.

The research shows the master switch for weight loss is an enzyme found in every cell in the body called AMP-K. During the investigations, scientists discovered that boosting AMP-K not only resulted in the reduction of abdominal fat, but provided an unexpected benefit as well, a decrease in chronic inflammation.

This discovery helps to explain why some people have no problem maintaining their ideal body weight, while others seemingly fight a major battle to lose weight and keep it off.

The findings make sense, since as a person gets older their cellular AMP-K activity decreases and as a result gain weight. Excess weight in the abdominal region is a trigger for chronic inflammation that may lead to Metabolic Syndrome.

For a nation where almost 75% of the population is overweight or obese, this is important medical news for healthcare professionals and the patients they treat. While most patients are interested in the cosmetic allure of reducing belly fat; the true value to healthcare professionals is the reduction of chronic inflammation and the lives saved from chronic disease caused by inflammatory abdominal adiposity.

Is all body fat the same?

Not all body fat is the same, abdominal fat for instance poses the greatest threat. While abdominal fat is unsightly, it’s also dangerous and can substantially help speed up chronic inflammation.

Deep abdominal fat morphs into its own organ, becoming an inflammation-promoting factory. The more abdominal fat you carry, the more inflammatory chemicals are produced that attack the body and produce even more fat. Fat-produced inflammation underlies much of the tissue damage that causes organ dysfunction that may result in degenerative disorders.

AMP-K – The Body’s “Metabolism Master Switch”

When AMP-K is turned off, your body’s metabolism slows down and your body tries to create fat. Obviously, dieting with AMP-K turned off is very difficult because your body is fighting against the diet. When AMP-K is turned on, dieting is easy because your body is assisting you. Fortunately, the Greens First Lean AMP-K Diet Program has six (6) key nutritional supplements that are focused on activation of the AMP-K enzyme, providing metabolic benefits such as the reduction of harmful abdominal fat and modulation of chronic inflammation.

How Does AMP-K Loss Cause Weight Gain?

A major cause of AMP-K inhibition and the corresponding weight gain comes from making wrong food choices like eating excessive sugar and poor-quality carbohydrates combined with cheap vegetable oils. This type of S.A.D. (Standard American Diet) triggers pro-inflammatory hormones that promote fat gain and create fat-induced inflammation. Basically, you can think of the movement from being lean and healthy to overweight and sick as being caused from increasing levels of toxic fat leaking into the bloodstream causing AMP-K inhibition. The good news is your healthcare professional can also provide you a home diagnostic blood test kit to see if you’re suffering from a nutrient deficiency that could be responsible for triggering chronic inflammatory chemistry that’s depositing excess toxic fat.

So how do you help your patients and clients turn on their AMP-K?

Boosting AMP-K activity using The Greens First Lean AMP-K Diet Program may result in a healthier metabolic status, which may lead to a significant drop in abdominal fat, and the prevention of chronic inflammation.

The Greens First Lean AMP-K Diet Program is based on the science behind six key nutritional supplements that boost AMP-K activity and their ability to help reduce abdominal fat.

The program includes lifestyle strategies and food components that greatly influence AMP-K activity in a “natural and positive” way. Not surprisingly, the Greens First Lean AMP-K Diet Program, Activity Plan, and six (6) Nutritional Supplements provide effective and lasting weight loss without loss of energy, cravings or hunger.

Greens First Lean AMP-K Diet Six Nutritional Supplements

1) Amp Up PLUS B-12: This is our sub lingual spray that contains a unique therapeutic dose of AMP and B-12 that helps increase cellular metabolism by increasing the production of mitochondria in the cells and the activation of AMP-K. This spray also helps support healthy blood sugar metabolism, the release of stored fat, while providing continued energy throughout the day.

2) Protein 5 Plus: This is our state-of-the-art breakfast protein shake which is a perfect blend of three specialized protein sources, one Keto Fat and one Superfood Fiber. Our AMP-K Protein 5 Plus Shake is the newest most advanced shake on the market that contains pure hydrolyzed whey protein to support muscle development and fullness. In addition, it includes collagen protein that supports skin and joints, cold-filtered egg white protein that supports long-lasting fullness, MCT oil that supports healthy energy and fullness, and a prebiotic blend that supports healthy digestion.

3) Natural Energy: This is our energy and adrenal gland support boosting supplement which directly increases metabolism and forces your fat cells to release their energy. In addition, this product supports the promotion of lean body mass, stimulates thyroid action, increases metabolic rate, assists in the release and transport of fats, helps to modulate inflammation and improves the bioavailability of CoQ10 as a mitochondrial energy booster.

4) Stress & Craving: This is our pre-meal supplement which makes you feel full and satisfied after you eat, and it eliminates hunger and cravings. Stress & Craving helps to increase production of norepinephrine that curbs cravings, helps to balance mood and enhance mental focus, while supporting the transfer of sugar to muscle not fat. Stress & Craving is an important addition to any phase of a weight management program, whether beginning a new program or transitioning into a maintenance period, this product will help to naturally suppress appetite and accelerate fat metabolism.

5) Control: This is a safe, natural, and effective supplement for weight management that helps to both control your appetite and burn existing fat instead of just shedding water weight. Cravings become easy to overcome, healthy eating is easier to implement, and you see real results. Control supports a steady level of thee right hormones to boost your metabolic rate, which not only helps manage weight, but takes your energy to a higher level to enhance an active lifestyle.

6) Carb Blocker 5.0: When a person occasionally eats the wrong things or eats too much, we have a state-of-the-art carb blocker that stops starches from turning into sugar and stops sugar from turning into fat. Carb Blocker 5.0 supports weight loss and glucose elimination by supporting the reduction of carbohydrate absorption. Carb Blocker 5.0 is a synergistic combination of supplements that work 5 ways:

  • It inhibits starches from being converted into sugar.
  • It reduces the absorption of sugar into the blood stream.
  • It slows the digestion of sugar.
  • It makes muscles more sensitive to insulin, so the muscles absorb more sugar.
  • It inhibits fat storage forcing the body to burn off excess sugar instead of storing it as fat.

Carb Blocker 5.0 is a perfect supplement for when we don’t eat perfectly, and don’t want one bad meal to disrupt the diet.

Greens First Lean AMP-K Diet Program & Activity Plan

  • Diet: A simple easy to follow diet that reduces excess calories without eliminating complete food groups. The diet is NOT NO carb, or NO fat, or NO protein, it’s everything in moderation and balanced. The diet eliminates cravings and depravation while still getting you to reduce calories.
  • Real Food: No fake food! Eat real food from your favorite restaurants and make your favorite recipes at home.
  • Activity Plan: No heavy exercising; simply move your body with some form of activity for optimal weight loss and overall health and well-being.

Scientists have noticed that in response to aging, excess calorie consumption, and/or low levels of physical activity, AMP-K activity markedly declines. For those seeking to shed body fat, ensure they optimally activate their cellular AMP-K. A targeted way of reversing cellular depletion of this critical enzyme and shed unwanted excess body fat is to use The Greens First Lean AMP-K Diet Program.

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