FMT Files Episode One- Rock Pods

RockTape FMT Files
Episode One- Rock Pods

In this episode of the FMT (Functional Movement Techniques) files we’re keeping up with the Joneses and talking all things new. You asked for cupping so our team here at RockTape gave you cupping. You asked for flossing, so we gave you flossing. But what the heck are they and how do they work? you may be wondering.

We realized that everyone learns differently. So for those of you who are audiovisual learners, we’ve made two special edition videos.

In this post, join our very own medical director, Dr. Steve Capobianco for a discussion on RockPods and RockTape. Follow Steve on Instagram – @fasciadoc

RockPods – RockPods are our answer to traditional myofascial cupping therapy.

Each RockPod kit includes eight rubber RockPods:

– 4 small red pods best suited for smaller body parts like the hands and feet

– and 4 larger black pods best suited for large muscle groups like the back and hamstrings.

RockPods use mechanical DECOMPRESSION to create space in the tissues, thus improving interlayer fascial gliding and assisting with blood and lymph flow. Additionally, it is believed that application of RockPods can induce a neurochemical response while also having a neurosensory effect, both of which can help to mitigate pain and improve movement. Bruising is NOT necessary in order for treatment to ‘work’, although a histamine response (skin redness) may occur as a byproduct of the treatment and should generally go away within minutes to hours. RockPods can be applied to the skin using either the plunger method or the inverted method, and left on for 3-90 seconds, depending on the desired technique. RockPods are not designed to glide, but can be used to traction the skin in specific vectors for an external glide, or used in conjunction with movement for an internal glide.

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