High Intensity Fitness Programming

Six Versatile Items For High-Intensity Fitness Programming

High Intensity Fitness ProgrammingClients join a specific gym or club for many different reasons. Some like the social aspect of group exercise, while others choose a facility based on high-end equipment or other factors that align with their goals.

Facilities offering high-intensity fitness programming, regardless of what they name the class, need certain products that might not be required for other classes. If you’re looking to successfully add this type of training program to your schedule, having the right equipment mix will help you stand out among the competition. Below are a few suggestions for quality products for your gym or club:

1) Multi-purpose barbells
Perfect for strength training, Olympic lifts or general conditioning activities. Ensure you have a variety of sizes available in multi-purpose barbells and there should always be a male and female bar available. Check the spin, diameter and weight before making your selection.

2) Bumper Plates
These will protect your equipment and floors when someone is doing Olympic lifting. As opposed to steel plates, bumper plates are able to be dropped from overhead without causing excessive noise and leaving marks on the floor. The ROI is a positive one, as they can be used multiple times per day for hours at a time with little or no wear. Note that smaller weight options, 10 or 15 pound plates, are not meant to be dropped from overhead alone, but higher weight options were designed for this use.

3) Wall Balls
Doing a routine that’s focused on core strengthening? Or perhaps you’re designing a challenging conditioning set to elevate your client’s heart rate. Either way, new wall balls will be appreciated by all. Check out our selection of medicine balls and slam balls if you’re interested in adding these to your facility, too!

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4) Plyo Boxes
Plyo boxes are specially designed for explosive workouts and high intensity conditioning. You’ll notice your clients improve their jumping ability, overall body strength, reaction times and explosiveness after purchasing a quality set. Remember new members might be intimidated by just the sight of plyo boxes, so keeping a foam set readily available at all times will help ease them into the routine.

Two females using kettlebells as part of a gym workout5) Kettlebells
Clients with a goal of achieving a strong, stable core and an activated posterior chain will benefit from a kettlebell work. The flooring in your facility will dictate what type of kettlebell best fit your needs. For example, vinyl kettlebells work best in a studio with multi-purpose floors, to eliminate damage, while cast-iron is a cost-effective option if your facility has rubber flooring.

6) Gym Clock
A multifunctional gym clock is perfect for clients and members who want to concentrate on their workout and not on the time. One that features an interval timer, countdown timer, count up timer and a stopwatch will be appreciated by all! As a trainer or coach, it is beneficial to have a large clock so you don’t have to take your eye away from a client and lose focus.

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