Outdoor Workout

Allow Members To Spring Into Healthy Habits

Spring has (almost) sprung which can bring about issues for your facility if you’re not careful. Check out our list below of ways to get your health club members visiting and spending money during the new season.

Woman running in spring setting1 – Good weather can mean a drop in attendance and revenue if you’re not careful
When the sun begins to shine and the days get longer, your members might be tempted to take a leisurely stroll outdoors instead of visiting your facility for their workout. While a leisurely stroll will bring them lots of fresh air and the ability to enjoy the blooming flowers and trees, it isn’t as powerful as a solid workout. It’s common fitness knowledge that the best results come from mixing cardio with weight training, so a walk in the park won’t meet their needs. Plus, they won’t be present to see your brand new retail display, see/hear important announcements or register for paid classes.

Putting together an outdoor “Spring Into Fitness” session exclusive for members can feature a superb workout routine that pairs traditional gear with not-so-traditional gear. Think about using a sturdy park bench instead of a step to workout leg muscles while keeping the arms moving with dumbbells or by lifting a small medicine ball overhead. These new endeavors will confuse the attendees’ muscles and allow them to take in the scenery – it’s win/win!

Something fun about doing outdoor workouts in public spaces is the attention it will bring from those who pass by. If you are near a busy intersection, don’t be surprised if you have someone pull over into an open spot to see what the class is all about. If you decide that the group should meet in a nearby park, those there with their family might inquire about joining your next session – and bingo…hello new members!

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Dribbling Basketballs Up the Court2 – Offer kid-friendly spring break courses 
Every family is different and whether you cater to stay-at-home moms with several school aged children at home or empty nesters who may have grandchildren, nieces or nephews in from out of town, spring break will most likely bring about a schedule change. If you hear parents or grandparents bowing out of programming for that particular week due to childcare issues, be prepared by assembling special workout routines. “Family Fitness,” “Families Focused on Fitness” or “Get Fit as a Family” can be a class filled with fun activities for all ages. Creating a plan filled with a basketball shootout, family relay race, friendly bowling competition using unique items found in the gym and a dance party incorporating lightweight equipment can demonstrate how working out is certainly more enjoyable than a playing video game at home. Or, you can offer a youth class at the same time as an adult class. Parents and other caregivers will appreciate you thought of their situation and will most likely ask if you’ll be offering it again once summer rolls around!

To gain even more points with the boys and girls, invest in a variety of healthy snacks and bottled waters and have everything readily available after the class. Explain the importance of re-energizing and eating right and your words of wisdom might just stick with them for the rest of their lives.

Young female boxer practicing with male coach in gym3 – Turn newfound energy into increased revenue 
Unless all your clients are spring allergy sufferers, they’ll most likely get a boost of energy with the warmer temperatures. No matter where you live, the winter months can be tough on energy levels, motivation and disposable income if heating bills are high. Any of those three can take a toll on a person’s ability to workout! Through social media posts, face-to-face conversations and strategically placed signage, remind people that an investment in a personal trainer will prepare them for beach trips, summer weddings, graduations, family reunions and other upcoming events where they’ll want to look and feel their best.

Keep in mind that everyone has a different fitness goal so it’s important to be a good listener. If you market everything correctly, the confidence levels among members will increase along with your revenue, member retention and buzz surrounding your gym.

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