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Personal Trainer Spotlight: Jesika Bourgeios

“When it comes to education, I am an educated health educator,” said Jesika Bourgeios, MSHS, CHES, CPT of OH- Wellness. With a Masters in Health Sciences, concentration in health education and on her way to getting a PhD in leadership and management in Sports Wellness and Fitness Management, she has earned every bit of that statement.

Jesika’s background as a personal trainer, combined with a three-year collaboration with non-profit community wellness center, OH-Wellness, has made for the perfect pair.

“After all, a trainer is the applied aspects of being a health educator.”

So what advice does this health educator have for newbies? “The majority of clients are ‘broken’. They’ve gone to a doctor’s appointment and learned they’re predisposed to a metabolic syndrome. Going in with a humble heart and understanding that not everyone is fit – 80% population is not naturally inclined to being fit and active – allows you to better connect with your client.”

She applies this strategy to her own business by retailing fitness products that are less intimidating for clients – choosing products that are light and easy to carry as opposed to something big, bulky and ‘visually scary’.

Her top sellers include resistance bands and stability balls – everything post rehab.

So, how does she get people to buy them? “I use them!” said Jesika. “I always promote that training is not just in the classroom. You have to independently train, too.”

Step into her training room you’ll see wall space full of posters adorned with CDC recommendations. Leading by example and providing recommendations to clients are some of her biggest marketing vehicles.

The secret, according to Jesika, is to bust out of your comfort zone. Every time you go to a convention, take 2-3 classes in which you have no experience. By forcing yourself out of your comfort zone, you’re better connecting with your clients. If you’re anything like Jesika, you may just find 2-3 new pieces of equipment that you and your clients will fall in love with.

Learn which fitness products are best for retailing, and then incorporate them into your business strategy like Jesika today.

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