Complying with PPE Protocols and Regulations

The current healthcare crisis has presented many challenges, especially for the fitness industry. For the members who have returned to your facility to workout since it reopened, it’s imperative that they feel comfortable coming in. Maintain the trust of your members now and in the future by complying with all regulations, developing cleaning and sanitation practices, and offering PPE during their visits to your facility. 

Continuing Education for Your Facility

Things are constantly changing during this pandemic, which is why you should continue to educate yourself and your staff on the latest news and updates. Whether you organize weekly education sessions or provide training materials to staff, ensure they are in the know about how to continue to protect themselves and members. 

For up-to-date news, please refer to information released by the CDC, FDA, or OSHA.

Donning & Doffing 

Wearing a face mask and gloves may help to protect you from airborne particulates and contamination. However, it’s important that you understand proper donning and doffing techniques to ensure you don’t transfer germs from your mask or gloves to your hands, and then your mouth, nose, or eyes. For those unsure of the terminology, donning means to put on and doffing means to remove.

We have compiled a few tips for donning and doffing select PPE.


  1. Wash the hands with soap and water or BodyMed® Hand Sanitizer if soap and water are not available. 
  2. Take the mask and place it over the mouth and nose, ensuring there are no gaps. Take the ear loops and secure them behind the ears.
  3. To remove, avoid touching the front of the mask that is exposed. Remove the mask from behind and discard. Again, wash the hands with soap and water or ethanol-based hand sanitizer.


  1. Sanitize the hands with an ethanol-based hand sanitizer like BodyMed® Hand Sanitizer. Next, choose the glove size that best fits the size of your hand. 
  2. Ensure that all surfaces of the hands are covered by the gloves.
  3. To remove, use one of the gloved hands and grasp the palm area of the other gloved hand. Peel off the first glove.
  4. After removing the first glove, slide the index finger of the ungloved hand under the remaining glove starting at the wrist. Peel off the second glove. 
  5. Discard the gloves properly and wash the hands with soap and water for up to 20 seconds. Hand sanitizer may be used if soap and water are not readily available.

Stock Your Facility with Masks, Hand Sanitizer, & Wipes

It’s possible that your members may forget their own mask when coming in to workout. Equip your practice with additional masks that members can use. Place the masks at the front door to ensure they can grab one before walking into any fitness area. 

In addition to masks, place hand sanitizer at high-touch areas of your facility like near the entrance, at the reception desk, and in locker rooms. When purchasing hand sanitizer, ensure it is fragrance free and made with ethanol, not methanol.

You will also need to ensure your facility is stocked with a variety of sanitizing and disinfecting wipes for fitness equipment. At ELIVATE, we carry a variety of wipes with inventory arriving daily.

For all of your PPE needs, count on ELIVATE. We carry a wide selection of products that are in stock and available for immediate shipment.

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