Is Your Team Designed to Get the “Right” Results?

If we think about it, there is undoubtedly a cause and effect relationship to the results we get as a company or team.

For example, if our company experiences high turnover, what do we need to change?

You might be tempted to think that the people hired weren’t the right fit or that it’s just what happens in today’s society.

Some of that may be true, but it would worthwhile to stop and consider another possibility: The design of a company or team is often the cause of high turnover. That’s because the way we design our communication, goals, processes and systems affects our culture and our people.

As a business leader and consultant, I try to maintain a perspective of looking at how we can create a non-dependent, highly-productive team or workforce. The answer combines many factors.

At the beginning, it is understanding the purpose at hand so that people can be inspired to succeed rather than needing to be manipulated. Along with knowing the purpose, they need to know how to do their job and then they need to know exactly what they are accountable to do. This is when clear expectations are set and an environment of high trust provides the structure needed by leadership.

Most of us have probably seen people who always seem to need some kind of external motivation to get things done. If someone is not staying as a monitor over them, they just don’t seem to perform. On the other hand, other people that we witness seem to go through their day with an inner drive. This energy that comes from within can find its source in things such as personal passion, a deep sense of purpose, a rewarding feeling of their skill level or the realization of the value that they obtain, whether by money or self-worth. The way that we design the company with the mission, vision and values that serve to build the culture and the systems we establish will have a direct effect on our results.

The application of this leadership lesson is to build a team or company with the right people first, then to have a culture where people are valued, trained, and empowered to utilize their skills and talents. If we can get better at surrounding ourselves with people of high potential, and then assure we have the right structure, then we will have a greater chance for success. Start with discovery.

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