WebExercises of the Month – Preventing Football Injuries

Here are ‘exercises of the month’ with Elivate ambassador Mitch Hauschildt:

Football injuries Part 1: shoulder 

What are common football injuries and what are the best possible strategies to preventing them? 



The ‘Bretzel’ is a great exercise to improve thoracic mobility.


The ‘inverted row’ can help to improve shoulder and core stability. 



Mitch Hauschildt, MA, ATC, CSCS serves as the Prevention, Rehab, and Physical Performance Coordinator for 17 sports at Missouri State University.  His sports medicine background is diverse, also serving as the strength and conditioning coach for Men’s Basketball, Women’s Basketball and Volleyball during his time with at MSU.  Prior to working in college athletics, Mitch trained athletes in the private sector of all ages and abilities.  Mitch is also the founder and president of Maximum Training Solutions, a full service Sports Medicine and Sports Performance consultancy.  Mitch is a noted speaker on both a regional and national level, and has been published multiple times in professional journals and coaching websites.


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